Deep South Distillery

Have you tried Deep South Distillery’s great selection of signature craft spirits?

The Deep South Distillery, located in the seaside area of Kommetjie in Cape Town, boasts a great selection of spirits. This small, but well-equipped distillery is able to manufacture and bottle almost any kind of spirit, and does so with style for its own branded spirits as well as an increasing number of contract and Private Label customers.

Deep South is actually the southernmost distillery on the Cape Peninsula and specialises in small batch, hand-crafted spirits made with love, care and pride.

The team is constantly innovating in order to create their next masterpiece. This is done by experimenting with different ingredients, recipes and processes. In times like these, it is generally those that are able to be innovative that are able to thrive.

Deep South’s sense of experimentation and quality products lie at the very root of the brand.

Deep South Distillery
Deep South Distillery

Deep South Distillery Range

Deep South Distillery’s focus has been on their range of gin which regularly wins medals and awards, but 2021 will see the introduction of their premium rum, vodka and infused spirits some of which are barrel-aged.

The team are meticulous in their production and monitor and record everything that happens during the process, from fermentation through to bottling.  It is this careful process that allows for quality batches of spirits to be repeated time and time again, and the team is hopeful of more medals in the future.

Cape Dry Gin– This gin is a beautifully balanced, juniper-forward gin that has been crafted in a classic dry gin style. This gin uses  botanicals that are grown and harvested in the region.

Click here to purchase a bottle of Cape Dry Gin

Ruby Gin – Ruby is a flavourful aromatic gin made in a contemporary floral style. The colour of the gin is derived from an infusion with hibiscus flowers. This is a gin that is superb with flavoured tonics as well as various fruits, which in turn enhance its flavouring.

Click here to purchase a bottle of Ruby Gin

Spice Island Gin – This is their newest and possibly their most exciting gin. Although still a dry gin, it has been infused with selected spices from Zanzibar and results in an uplifting, heady and complex gin.  The Spice Island Gin is ideal to be enjoyed straight or as a gin and tonic.

Click here to purchase a bottle of Spice Island Gin

Chilli Vodka – Deep South Chilli Vodka is crafted in small batches from triple distilled pure grain spirit that has been infused with sun-dried chillies. The smooth feel and authentic chilli flavouring results in a great drink, which is ideal for either a Bloody Mary or it can be served as a shot right from the freezer. Read more here…

Premium White Rum. Manufactured from top grade molasses, this aromatic and full bodied white rum is smooth on the palate, with notes of vanilla, caramel and tropical fruit.  Exquisite with classic rum cocktails such as daiquiris, mojitos and caipirinhas. [Link]

Premium Vodka.  A wonderfully smooth fragrant vodka, distilled and cold filtered to bring you a clean and sophisticated tasting experience.  Excellent when enjoyed neat and chilled;  great as a base for your favourite cocktails.   

Tours and Tastings at Deep South Distillery

Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves into all that Deep South has to offer, this is best done by enjoying one of their tours and tastings.

Deep South Distillery has various options including a tour of the distillery, gin tastings, rum tastings, spirit tastings as well as private events.

The fact that this is a working distillery means that any visitors need to arrange their visit in advance.

Click here to book your upcoming tasting.

Deep South Distillery adheres to all Covid-related protocols during tastings and events.

Deep South Distillery is located at 53 Heron Park, Wildevoelvlei Rd, Kommetjie, Cape Town. Here is their location on Google Maps. For bookings, call +27 (0) 21 783 0129 or email and visit them online at Purchase at Follow them on Facebook.

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