West Coast Distillers

Enjoy West Coast Distillers’ award-winning craft gins & bitters

West Coast Distillers is an amazing craft distillery based in the relaxed, windsurfing town Langebaan, on the West Coast. They are the proud producers of the Caspyn West Coast Dry Gin, Belladonna Nightshade Gin and three flavours of Mutiny Bitters.

Had it not been for a chance encounter between long-time friends – Shane Smith and Shaun Bebington, on a flight from London to Croatia in 2017, the world would never have tasted their refreshing gins.

Shane and Shaun have combined their passion for new adventures, good quality spirits and hard-working ethics to make West Coast Distillery a gin brand of note. Their aim is simply; ‘To produce good quality, great-tasting spirits with a passion for keeping unique and interesting at every turn.’

So far, they have not disappointed. West Coast Distillers won a Gold Medal in the SA Craft Gin Awards 2019 for their Caspyn West Coast Dry Gin at a prestigious annual award ceremony that recognises the best craft gin makers in South Africa. The event is sponsored by the retail giant, Checkers Liquor Shop.

West Coast Distillers gins

West Coast Distillers produces amazing artisanal hand crafted gins and bitters.

The award-winning Caspyn West Coast Dry Gin is a refreshing, crisp and velvety smooth gin noted for its citrusy background. 12 botanicals that are added in the distillation process including locally-foraged Western Cape Fynbos; Rooibos and Honeybush and a local shrub called Pelargonium Citronellum.

The result is a well-balanced yet complex drink with a fresh, but spicy ‘sherbet tingle’ to finish. It’s easy on the palate and can be enjoyed neat, as a gin and tonic or in a variation of cocktails. See their recipes page for ideas.

Their recent addition – the Belladonna Night Shade Gin, also boasts a complex, but well-balanced flavour profile thanks to the nightshade berries that are infused after distillation – adding sweet and fruity tart flavours that sit right next to the juniper. These fresh, and slightly tart, flavours linger in the mouth.

Belladonna also has a beautiful colour explosion when adding premium Indian Tonic!

All 13 botanical ingredients are natural and no additives, chemicals or colourants are added. Enjoy the Belladonna Night Shade with a premium Indian tonic, or in a large selection of cocktails.

West Coast Distillers also produces three variants of Mutiny bitters – Aromatic, Orange, and the world’s first Rooibos bitters. The Mutiny bitters are botanically infused, gravity strained and mixed and pressed by hand. They are all complimentary to a Gin & Tonic, Rock Shandy’s and are amazing in an array of cocktails!

When getting a bottle of their gins and bitters, you cannot miss their bold wrapping and the unique bottle design, which makes them among the most beautiful and eye-catching on the market. It is obvious Shane and Shaun have put thought into making every aspect of their products an experience in itself!

Reviews from West Coast Distillers customers

Judging by the rave reviews from their customers, you will be in for a treat when you purchase the West Coast Distillers gins and bitters.

“Clean, fresh and out of this world this crisp gin will knock your socks off!” wrote Danielle Jay on their Facebook page.

Sadie-Lee Venter added; “WOW, great gin & amazing cocktails.”

Besides a unique Gin Charter experience in Langebaan, West Coast Distillers also attends several annual calendar events where you get sample their gins and bitters.

West Coast Distillers is located at Bay Center, Industrie Street, Langebaan. Give them a call on +27 (0)22 7722 168 / +27 (0)72 6176477 or email info@wcdistiller.com. Visit their website at www.wcdistiller.com. Also follow them on Facebook HERE.

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