Wawu Tonic - Indian Tonic

Wawu Tonic – A great tonic for quality spirits

Wawu Tonic is a product of the award winning Richmond Hill Brewing Company (RHBC) and was originally created to complement their Pretty Poison Gin.

Wawu Tonic comes in two forms – Indian Tonic and Butterfly Pea Flower Infused Tonic.  To my mind the Indian Tonic is the best available because it is subtle, low in sugar and does not mask the delicate nose and palate that has been so carefully instilled in many of the craft spirits.

The Butterfly Pea Flower Tonic is even more delicate and not only brings its own unique taste but will also give your gin cocktail a delightful mauve hue.  If you’re looking to make an understated and sophisticated cocktail then this Tonic is perfect.

Master Brewer at RHBC, Niall Cook, says, “We wanted a tonic that would not over power the delicate flavors of our gin or, for that matter, any other craft spirit.”

What’s in the Wawu Tonics?

Wawu Tonic - Peaflower

Tonic water or Indian Tonic originally had a relatively high content of quinine as it was a medicinal drink produced as a prophylactic against malaria – hence the term “Tonic”.

Quinine is very bitter and was often masked with sugar or with a cheap spirit – mostly gin.  This “cocktail” even became a popular social drink, particularly amongst Europeans living in the tropics and especially in its name sake, India.

Over time the recipe for tonic saw less of the bitter quinine, more sugar and the carbonation of the water.

Today’s tonic waters have, like most things in this age, a lot of sugar.

Most of the Indian Tonic’s on the market today have over 9g of sugar per 100ml while Wawu Tonic has just 8.5g.  The quinine level is also slightly less than many of the other tonic waters on the market too.

Thanks to the slightly lower sugar content, the quinine is not as masked and the result is a distinct tonic water that works well with bespoke spirits.

The Butterfly Pea Flower Infused Wawu Tonic retains the subtlety of the Indian Tonic but with flowery nose and palate and of course, a light mauve color.

Wawu Tonics are our tonics of choice at the Thirsty Traveler Annual Spirit Tasting.

Where to get Wawu Tonics

Both Wawu Tonics may be ordered online from RHBC.  Click here for Wawu Indian Tonic and here for Butterfly Pea Flower Infused Wawu Tonic.

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