thirsty traveler spirit tasting

The 2020 Thirsty Travel Spirit Tasting was virulent!

Thirsty Travelers Annual Spirit tasting was held at the Brickmakers Distillery in Port Elizabeth in November 2020 and was a roaring success.

This was a particularly dry year thanks to the coronavirus and each of our tasters was chomping at the bit to sample the new wares on offer.

This was also the first year that we sampled spirits that were not from South Africa.

What was on hand at the Spirit Tasting

Sponsors for this years event included:

Distillery 031; Deep South Distillery; Still-Oaky Distillery, Richmond Hill Brewing Company; The Sexton; Ginato; Brikmakers Distiling Company and Da Rocca.

In total we sampled 14 different spirits including vodka, whiskey, gin, absinth and rum as well as two different coolers.

Our tasting team included two distillers, one blender, two mixologists, one taste specialist and a number of enthusiasts.

Leon Bussio (Deep South Distillery) , Jonathan Roche (da Rocca) and Eugene Coetzee (Brickmakers Distillery) were on hand to present their products and Fanie and Annerie Smit (Still-Oaky) and Andrew Rall (Distillery 031) gave excellent Zoom presentations.

A great day was had by all.

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