Six Dogs Distillery Honey Lime Gin

Six Dogs Distillery’s Honey Lime Gin is mouth-watering

Two boxes of Six Dogs Distillery’s Honey Lime Gin recently arrived at my doorstep for the 2021 Thirsty Traveler Annual Spirit Tasting. I had been awaiting this order with some anticipation as I am a fan of this great distiller.

Great expectations have been the nemesis of many a pleasant event but I am pleased to say that not in the case of Honey Lime Gin.

In the tradition of Six Dogs Distillery everything about this gin is mouth- watering and that includes the packaging and the bottle.

Surely this is an exaggeration I can hear you say.  How can a box get your taste buds going and what is there about a bottle that makes you lick your lips?

The packaging is simply beautiful and no expense has been spared in designing and printing this box.  At first glance it appears that golden honey has fallen from its comb onto the box and is trickling down the side with life size bees in attendance.

The limes, their flowers and leaves are life size too and one can almost catch the sweet aroma that makes this fruit so popular.

The bottle is shaped like an old fashioned hip flask and for anybody who has ever taken a remedial snifter from a hip flask will know that just the sight of one of these vessels can get the taste buds excited.

I hope that answers your question.

What about the gin?

Charles Bryant, the Master Distiller, is by all accounts a bit of a perfectionist.  I also know his other wares to be top quality. 

To be honest I am not a big fan of complex gins with lots of potent botanicals.  I am a purist at heart and good old London Dry Gin dominated by juniper is still my preferred tipple from this stable of spirits. 

Having sampled most of this distilleries other produce, I can say that it is to my taste and the Honey Lime Gin is no exception.  Both of the namesake ingredients are superbly subtle and delightfully mysterious.

The distillery tasting notes say, “Honey Lime is an irresistible combination of farm honey, home-grown limes and the finest botanical spirit. Sip it and you’ll taste classic notes of juniper, coriander and the earthy tones of angelica, complemented by a bite of zesty limes and a subtle infusion of honey to soften and sweeten the overall taste.”

And that is just how I found it too.

Producing great gin at Six Dogs Distillery always seems to come with an interesting story and Honey Lime is no exception.  

Honey Lime is the result of a sustainability project that began when South African bee conservation company, Bee Smiths, approached Six Dogs Distillery to relocate distressed bees to the farm on which the distillery is situated.

Apparently the bees found their new home with its mix of Fynbos and Karoo biome flowers to their liking and have flourished.

Comments on Honey Lime Gin from the Thirsty Travel Spirit Tasters

Not only did Six Dogs Distillery send us two bottles of Honey Lime Gin for the tasting but they also supplied us with some chocolate which they encouraged is to try with the neat gin.

These were some of the comments received:

“I expected the lime and honey to dominate the palate, almost like a liqueur.  However I was pleasantly surprised by the subtlety of these two ingredients.  The lime brings a level of tartiness that was perfectly complemented by the chocolate.”

“I enjoyed the chocolate combination but found this zesty gin went very well together ginger beer.”

“This is a gin that I think is best neat or on the rocks.  The palate has some mysteries that would be lost with a mix.”

Cocktail Suggestion


• 50ml Six Dogs Honey Lime gin

• 40ml freshly squeezed lime juice

• 1 ginger beer


Squeeze lime juice into a tall glass, slice and add the peel.  Add ice cubes, then pour in the gin andfill with cold ginger beer. Stir before serving.

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