six dogs blue light gin

Six Dogs Blue Light Spirit Aperitif stimulates the appetite and the party

Six Dogs is one of South Africa’s great boutique distilleries. There slogan, “Born to Explore”, is a clear indication that this not a mundane distillery.  Having been an ardent fan of Six Dogs for many years, I am always keen to taste their latest wares.

Six Dogs Blue Light Gin is their newest spirit and is labeled as an aperitif.  Traditionally an aperitif is drunk before a meal as it essentially prepares your stomach and your taste buds for the dinner ahead.  An aperitif often includes gin such as a classic G&T or a Negroni and the alcohol content is relatively low.

To my knowledge, Six Dogs Blue Light Gin is the first of its kind to be distilled in South Africa.  With an alcohol content of just 23%.

The Six Dogs website describes the Blue Light Gin as follows; “Inspired by health-conscious drinkers and sober-curious minds, Blue Light offers the discerning drinker all the flavour at just more than half the alcohol content.”

Sharing Six Dogs Blue Light Gin with friends

I was recently invited to a dinner party and thought it a perfect opportunity to explore and share this unusual spirit.

My fellow guests where intrigued by Six Dogs Blue Light Gin not only because of its aperitif status but also because of its unusual colour, attractive packaging and great pedigree.

The blue pea botanical gives this spirit its ultramarine blue and along with the juniper and rose pelargonium, its distinctive palate.  

We first tasted the Blue Light Gin neat and then added tonic and other condiments. 

To my mind, this spirit is best enjoyed neat or with ice.  It is delicious and, thanks to the low alcohol content, I could take a mouthful at a time and explore the tastes.  The juniper stands out as you would expect from a gin but so too do the rose pelargonium and the blue pea. 

I first came across the blue pea, also known a butterfly pea, in the Six Dogs Blue Gin at the Thirsty Traveler Annual Spirit Tasting in 2019 and found it very intriguing. 

A great party trick is when you add tonic water to Blue Light Gin (or Six Dogs Blue Gin) as it changes colour from deep blue to light pink!  This is thanks to the alchemy of the blue pea flower.

The low alcohol content meant that we sat for dinner with our taste buds stimulated and in an appropriate state to appreciate the excellent meal and great wine.

In my experience, Blue Light Gin paired well with healthy snacks –crisp carrot and cucumber slices and broccoli heads dipped into a light cream and cheese dip.

Planning a dinner?  Make sure you have the remarkable Six Dogs Blue Light Gin on hand.

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