Ginato, the essence of Italy!

Premium drinks company, Truman & Orange, have launched a beautifully-made premium Italian gin, Ginato, the very essenza dell’ Italia, with its effortlessly chic, timeless, sunshine-drenched way of life, distilled in a bottle just in time for Summer.

Expertly combining the finest quality produce from world-renowned terroir, including juniper berries from the rolling hills of Tuscany, citrus bursting with Southern Italy’s unique Mediterranean sweetness, and Italian grapes grown alongside northern Italy’s idyllic lakes. It’s this combination of three core ingredients – juniper, citrus and grapes – sourced from all corners of Italy that create Ginato’s trinity of provenance, the very spirito d’Italia.

The Italian grapes used to make Ginato offer a unique flavour. Grapes are not commonly used in gin due to the complexities of working with them; however, the quality of the grapes coupled with the distillers’ skill, result in Ginato’s distinctively palatable flavours.

The distillery has been in operation for over 50 years in the diverse region of Ravenna, Emilia Romagna province, home to seaside towns, historic cities and world-renowned Italian gastronomy. Ginato is the first gin made using Italian grapes in its blend, that is available on the South African market.

Ginato variants

Truman and Orange are launching two variants of Ginato: Pompelmo and Clementino. Pompelmo is a fresh, bright gin distilled using the peel of sun-ripened Sicilian pink grapefruit and blended with juniper berries and the finest Sangiovese grapes. Clementino expertly combines the finest Nebbiolo grapes, juniper berries, and Southern-Italian clementines that give the liquid its signature, vibrant orange colour.

Typical of the exceptional quality we’ve come to expect from Italian products – and from Truman & Orange which also introduced us to Mionetto, the number 1 international Prosecco brand – Ginato is grounded in Italy’s longstanding tradition of uncompromising gin-making which appeals to the discerning drinker. It’s also the latest addition to the company’s whimsically-described ‘assemblage of the world’s most sensational flavours for your imbibing pleasure’, the Extraordinary and Fabulous Gin Collection.

The collection offers a globally-sourced gin for every palate and an authentic story for every imagination. And who doesn’t love a good story? Italy’s very essence is distilled in every bottle of Ginato – the liquid embodies the landscape the ingredients are harvested from and the culture its enjoyed in. Italians were, after all, the first to produce gin. 

Quintessentially Italian

The packaging is also quintessentially Italian. It is bright, bold, stylish and the liquid bursts with vivid colour, making these gins a must-have for Summer cocktails. Says founding owner of Truman & Orange, Rowan Leibbrandt, “We couldn’t resist not only the colour but also the flavours of Ginato. It’s perfectly balanced: a classic, gentle juniper underpins the delicious grape flavours and citrus juiciness. We know that with so much choice in the gin category, the product has to offer something truly special for South Africans to try it and we’re confident that Ginato does exactly that.”

Available on Takealot and at all good bottle stores nationwide for approximately R385 per bottle, Ginato offers a mouth-wateringly complex finish that is a taste of quintessential Italian Summer. Saluti!

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