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Rock Hopper isn’t A Hard Seltzer, It’s THE Hard Seltzer.

Rock Hopper Hard Seltzer is a new low calorie, low carb, gluten-free alcoholic refreshment recently launched by da Rocca.

Hard Seltzers are not well known in South Africa but they are extremely popular in North America where there sales volume is 10% that of beer.

Rock Hopper is thus ahead of its time and breaking new ground in the South African refreshment sector with its fresh, fruity, spiked water.  

Served in a 300ml can with a variety of flavours, including Litchi, Lemon and Lime, Black Cherry and Mango, this beverage is ideal for the health conscious individual. 

Each 300ml can has only 110 calories and 2g of sugar but packs 5% alcohol.

Jonathan Roche, the owner of da Rocca says, “We are very pleased to be introducing this easy to drink, guilt free, grab life product to South Africa.”

Rock Hopper at the 2020 Thirsty Traveler Spirit Tasting

Jonathan presented Rock Hopper at the 2020 Thirsty Travel Spirit Tasting where a group of distillers, mixologists and enthusiasts gather to taste a variety of spirits.

This was the first Hard Seltzer to be tasted at this annual event and it was well received.

Comments from the tasting team included; “Perfect for a hot summers day”; “Despite its low sugar, sweeter than I expected”; “Refreshing and easy drinking.”

For the physically active and weight conscious

Jonathan says that a typical Rock Hopper drinker is physically active and health conscious. He is hoping to link the brand to ‘anywhere, anytime’ kind of attitude.

Most of the tasters agreed that this is an ideal drink to enjoy after a challenging physical experience like surfing, running, hiking and any ball sport.

Rock Hopper is sold in cases of 12 by flavour or in a mixed case that has three of each flavour.

Jonathan adds that more flavours are in development and can be expected soon.

Order yours online by clicking here.

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