Richmond hill brewing company

Richmond Hill Brewing Company’s pub is a great place to taste their brews

Richmond Hill Brewing Company, (locally known as RHBC) is located in Alabaster Street, in the fashionable Baakens River Valley precinct of Port Elizabeth.

Not only does this brewery produce some excellent beers but they also have a great pub adjacent to their brewery.

RHBC can be found in an old warehouse and loading yard that has been artfully rehabilitated and transformed into an eclectic mix of shops, gyms, art and craft workshops and restaurants.

Artful décor and craft beer

There is a kind of rough and ready feel to the RHBC pub.  It has a gravel floor, tented roof and rustic bar.  One of the entrances to the pub is through a hole that has been knocked through a wall and left with all its chipped plaster and exposed bricks.

This may sound a little, well, off the wall, but the overall affect is really pleasant.

There are plenty of benches as well as tables and chairs and a row of bar chairs at high tables.  One can view the brewing process through a large door.

The bar counter is stacked high with a variety of spirits with particular attention given to craft gins and rums.

The most popular of the RHBC beers are on tap.  These include Car Park John, Two Rand Man, Kas Weiss and usually another seasonal or experimental brew.

Also available is the incredible RHBC Jane Doe Hard Lemonade and the newly introduced Jane Doe Raspberry.

Richmond Hill Brewing Company also has their own gin – Pretty Poison, as well as some of the best tonics on the market.  Once you have sampled the Wawu Tonic you will find it difficult to mix your gin with anything else.

The bar staff are great at mixing gin cocktails amongst others and will give you a full rundown of the brews on tap.  If you’re still uncertain they will give you a taster of each before you confirm your order.

Beer tasting at Richmond Hill Brewing Company

If you are interested in tasting all the beers as well as the Jane Doe’s then you can order a tasting platter. 

With an advance booking and a group of friends to join you, you can book a beer tasting and brewery tour.  One of the brewing team will give you a detailed explanation of each beer before showing you the brewing process.

This is one of my favourite pubs that serves some of my favourite brews.  If you’re in Port Elizabeth for a visit make sure you place this pub on your itinerary.

To make a reservation call 066 472 6352; find them on Google Maps by clicking here; follow them on Facebook by clicking here.

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