November Child

November Child Chamomile Saison – A perfect brew for summer

Originally brewed by farmers and their wives to quench the thirst of field workers during the hot months of the harvesting season, this beer is extremely refreshing.

Saison beers originate from the farming community of Wallonia in Belgium.  This is part of French speaking Belgium and thus Saison translates to English as Season.

One of the great advantages of Saison beers is that their brewing process is very much open to the brewer’s interpretation.  Thus these beers vary greatly from brewery to brewery.

What’s in November Child

Niall Cook, the Master Brewer at Richmond Hill Brewing Company (RHBC), believes that a Saison should be zesty and complex and this is precisely what he has produced with November Child.

“I wanted to produce a Saison that was perfect for quenching a summer thirst and has plenty of character,” says Niall.

Niall says that one of the flavorings of this beer is orange peel and this comes through clearly on both the nose and the palate.

As the name suggests Chamomile is another key ingredient.  Part of the character of this brew is derived from the very specific use of yeast which gives this brew a lot of zing. 

The tasting notes say that the November Child offers its drinker’s a delicate mixture of flavors that include chamomile petals, citrus and spice.

With an alcohol content of 6.2% this beer can be both pretty potent and very relaxing.  Great for a hot afternoon around the braai.  It pairs very well with lamb chops and boerewors.

On a hot day I found that the November Child has the same effect on my taste buds as what a swim in the ocean does after a long run in the heat of summer.  So very refreshing!

Another awesome label

In the RHBC tradition, November Child has a unique and, in this case very beautiful label. 

Designed by Gqeberha artist and story teller, Angel May, who says the label was inspired by one of her sculptures.

Angel says, “It was an interesting challenge to adapt a 3D form into a 2D design.  November Child is a French Saison, brewed with chamomile flowers and citrus. I think the label reflects these playful, fantasy-like flavours quite well.”

Where to get November Child

As this is not a regular brew at RHBC, it is only available, well, seasonally.  Check out their online store here or visit them at 2 Alabaster Street, Baakens Valley, Gqeberha where you can buy cans or buy fresh out of the tap! Click here to find them on Google Maps.

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