Distillery 031 Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone is a truly South African Liqueur from Distillery 031

Liqueur, Distillery 031, Durban

Among many of the spirits crafted at Distillery 031, their new ‘Heart of’ Liqueurs have made the biggest impact, not only at our Heritage Day Spirit Tasting, but internationally as well.

They are infused with a range of natural, local ingredients and come in three different flavours.

The team at Thirsty Traveller sampled the Heart of Stone Naartjie and Rooibos Liqueur. The other flavours in their Liqueur range include the Heart of Gold Vanilla and Baobab Liqueur and the Heart of Darkness Coffee Liqueur.

The Heart of Stone Naartjie & Rooibos Liqueur

Out of all the spirits that were sampled during our Heritage Day Spirit Tasting Evening, this one was by far the favourite. This liqueur, with its citrusy, all natural flavour, was crafted with ten times distilled 031 Vodka and infused with natural ingredients.

Only the finest South African grown naartjies were used and combined with organically grown rooibos from the Cape Floral Region. This combination makes this liqueur very uniquely South African, which is probably why we enjoyed the flavour so much.

“This liqueur is great for mixing, neat as liquor and as a condiment for ice cream and other desserts,” explained Graeme from Thirsty Traveller.

Find out more about Distillery 031 by calling them on 087 941 4540 or email info@distillery031.com. Visit their website at www.distillery031.com

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