Label 5 Whisky

Label 5 whisky is an easy drinking blend

Label 5 whisky is not very well known in South Africa but is in fact the 9th best-selling Scotch brand in the world, with 31 million bottles sold globally. It is the most popular Whisky in France and is owned by the French company La Martiniquaise.  

This is a blended whisky with a 43% ABV.  Label 5 is made with a selection of malt and grain whiskies, one of them being Glen Moray and has won several major awards in the whisky industry.

Interestingly there are only seven grain distilleries still active in Scotland, of which the Starlaw Distillery at Bathgate in West Lothian is one.  The Label 5 blend is a mixture of single malts from Glen Moray and grain whisky from the Starlaw Distillery.

Label 5 whisky tasting notes

The tasting notes from Label 5 describe the whisky as being pale gold in the glass witha nose that is light and fresh, with sweet toffee notes and hints of cookies. There are also some fruity notes, with pears and apples. Finally, a soft scent of ginger.

I found Label 5 to be a light whisky that is easy drinking and ideal for cocktails.  Neat, there are notes of vanilla and butter. It has a slight smoky touch, with notes of apples and pears. Towards the end of the dram there is also a little splash of dried grass, with a subtle touch of oak.

I have found that this whisky with its slight fruity flavours  is great on a warm day with and ice and soda or in a cocktail with complementary mixes and botanicals.


In a short drink glass half-filled with ice cubes, pour LABEL 5 and cranberry juice. Top with lemonade. Add some ginger and a slice of lime.  Delicious!

Label 5 may be found in most Liquor City outlets and is imported by the Liquor City themselves.

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