Jane Doe Hard Lemonade

Jane Doe Hard Lemonade is simply delicious

Jane Doe Hard Lemonade from Richmond Hill Brewing Company (RHBC) is deliciously refreshing. The “hard” is an indication that it contains alcohol and this makes it even better.

RHBC is famous for their award winning beers but their Jane Doe is, to my mind, as good as anything that they brew.

The lemonade is a recipe of their own and is way more zesty and refreshing than you will find in a bottle or can from the big cola companies.

Niall Cook, the master brewer at RHBC, says, “We wanted to develop a lemonade that had a great balance between tart and sweet and that would work well with a neutral spirit to create a refreshing cooler with 4% alcohol. The result was Jane Doe”

As Jane Doe is one of RHBC’s most popular beverages, it would seem that they got their recipe just right.

If you happen to order a Jane Doe at the RHBC Tap Room it is most often served with a thick slice of orange and a sprig of mint.

Jane Doe is a great drink for a hot summer’s day around the pool, next to the braai or in a beer garden.

RHBC recently launched  Jane Doe Hard Cherry and Hard Raspberry too.

Jane Doe’s may be ordered on line (click here) or purchased from the RHBC Taproom for takeaways.

Try out the Jane Doe Autopsy Cocktail.

  • 1 Can Jane Doe Hard Lemonade
  • 1 Tot Aperol Spritz
  • 1 Tot London Dry Gin
  • Loads of Ice, Slice of Orange and Sprig of Mint

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