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Ink In My Drink – a surprisingly good lager

The heading of this article is actually an understatement as Ink In My Drink is one of my favorite beers of all time.

Despite this lager being a rich, dark colour, similar to a stout or porter, it is as light and easy drinking as a lager should be.

That’s because this is a German schwiezer beer also known as a German dark larger.  The dusky colouring comes from dark malts that have been added to give it colour.

Niall Cook, master brewer at Richmond Hill Brewing Company (RHBC), where this remarkable beer is brewed, says that the malts are balanced to give colour and unique flavor but not enough to give it a strong chocolate or coffee palate as you would find in the dark ales.

Niall adds that Ink In My Drink was originally a collaboration with Old Potter’s Inn in Greyton, Western Cape.  Thanks to its popularity this lager continues to be brewed as one of RHBC’s seasonal beers.

RHBC have a tradition of using local artists for their labeling and Ashley Reid, was the creator of this eye catching label.

With 4.8% alcohol and a refreshing flavor, this lager makes for a great session beer.

Ink In My Drink Dark Lager may be ordered online by clicking here or can be bought in cans from the RHBC Taproom off Alabaster Street, Baakens Valley, Port Elizabeth.

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