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Ginato Melograno – A Taste Of La Dolce Vita!

If the Italians have taught us anything, it’s to enjoy life to the full, appreciate beauty in all its forms and to take the time to savour good food and drinks. And it’s this same passion for good living that has gone into the making of Ginato gins.

The tasty new expression from the Ginato family, and just in time for summer, is Melograno, an exhilarating combination of Barbera grapes, juniper berries and citrus. Luscious pomegranates from Sardinia give it its rich hue, sweet aroma and a lively fruit flavour.

Distilled in Ravenna in the north of Italy, Ginato gins are made using the finest ingredients sourced from the best growing areas in the country. What’s special about them is that they are made with grapes – not commonly used in gin due to the complexities of working with them. However, it’s the quality of these Italian varietals coupled with the distiller’s skill that are responsible for Ginato’s distinctive flavours.

Grown on the slopes overlooking the Italian lakes in the north, the carefully selected grapes are expertly blended with juniper berries from the sun-kissed hills of Tuscany and Umbria. Adding the zesty flavour is a variety of citrus fruit from orchards in the warm southern regions. The result is a range of gins that exude the very essenza dell’ Italia!

Ginato Melograno ingredients

It’s this combination of three core ingredients – juniper, citrus and grapes – sourced from all corners of Italy that create Ginato’s trinity of provenance, the very spirito d’Italia.  The process evokes a magical connection between the landscape and the culture, encapsulating a way of life that is sizzling with storybook beauty.

“Here in South Africa, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to gin,” says Rowan Leibbrandt, owner and founder of premium liquor merchants Truman & Orange, distributors of Ginato gins. “So, for any gin to stand out it must be exceptional.  And Ginato certainly is.”

Family and friends are at the heart of the Italian way of life and it’s this conviviality and focus on gathering around a table that’s the inspiration behind these expertly crafted gins. Because they’re made with classic Italian varietals, they are more relaxed, in line with the laidback Mediterranean lifestyle. Also in the Ginato range is Clementino which combines the finest Nebbiolo grapes, juniper berries and clementines from southern Italy which give it a luscious orange colour, Pompelmo made from Sangiovese grapes and pink grapefruit from Sicily, and Limonato a combination of Pinot Grigio grapes, citrus fruit from Sicily and fresh berries resulting in a refreshing, lemon zest flavour.

Designed to enhance a good time, Ginato gins are ideal for all occasions whether socialising at a bar or restaurant, relaxing around the pool or entertaining a crowd. Serve them with tonic as a delicious aperitivo or mixed with Prosecco for something a little more celebratory.

This range of gins has it all – fresh, zesty fruit flavours, gorgeous colours reminiscent of romantic Italian seaside villages, not to mention the sexy, summery packaging that you’d expect from a country known for its exceptional style. In fact, all the good things that the Italian way of life has to offer.


Melograno Perfect Serves:

Melograno Tonic

·      50ml Ginato Melograno Gin

·      125ml Mediterranean Fever Tree tonic

Garnish: Pomegranate seeds

Method: Build in a Copa glass over cubed ice

Melograno Fizz

·      35ml Ginato Melograno gin

·      A dash of orange liqueur

·      Chilled Prosecco

Garnish: Pomegranate seeds

Method: Combine all the ingredients in a champagne flute

Ginato gins are available at all good bottle stores nationwide and on and for around R360 per bottle.

For more details, contact Truman & Orange

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