Cape Of Storms Distilling Company

Explore new flavours with Cape of Storms Distilling Company’s craft rum

In recent years, craft spirits have gained extreme popularity both in South Africa and across the world. It’s easy to see why once you have befriended the fresh, uniquely smooth rum from the Cape Of Storms Distilling Company.

The Cape of Storms Distilling Company was established by the Meiring family. Originally, from Cape Town, they travelled widely across the African continent before returning home to launch the distillery.

Today, this family-run craft distillery has built a name for producing quality, authentic rum in Salt River, Cape Town.

Cape of Storms Distilling Company is actually the realisation of Dylan’s dream after years in the alcohol business and past home distilling experience. His experience fits perfectly into the role of chief distiller.

“We are very excited to be bringing Cape Town its very own craft rum. Our goal is to bring ideas from around the world together to create beautiful rums like no other,” reads the company website.

Cape Of Storms Distilling Company craft rum

The distillery makes three craft rums, which are double distilled to give them their signature smoothness. This allows the rums to be enjoyed on the rocks, with your favourite cocktail or with a mixer of your choice.

The primary focus is quality hence the rums are produced in small batches. They do not add any sugars, chemicals or artificial flavourants.

When people hear Cape Of Storms Distilling Company, they are more likely to think The Great White Rum. The Great White Rum is actually the product of a unique adaptation of centuries-old Caribbean rum-making techniques.

The rum is made from strong African blackstrap molasses to add a bit of local flair and flavour. Consequently, when drinking the rum straight, one gets a distinct tropical fruit taste on the front of the palate. The rum has a natural sweetness making it pleasant to drink in a variety of ways. It also plays nicely with a variety of mixers, including many tonics, lemonade and ginger beer.

Their Oak Infused Rum is created by blending rums that have been rested on two different types of American oak, resulting in a beautiful combination of the deep flavours of both the oak and the rum.

It has a seriously smooth, naturally sweet, honey profile in addition to its subtle oak tones. Prepare your taste buds for a truly decadent experience.

The third rum is the Fyn Botanical Rum that is created by gently infusing the company’s unique botanical blend during distillation – using distinct Cape fynbos, balanced with locally-grown fruit. It is noted for its uniquely South African taste of Honeybush and Naartjie closely followed by the warm and robust flavours of cinnamon and all spice.

If you enjoy tastings in Cape Town, then they have a new experience for you! Treat your taste buds to the rum and see how they are made. Book your experience HERE.

Reviews from their craft rum fans and visitors to the Cape Of Storms Distilling Company

“Excellent tour and rum knowledge… very welcoming,” wrote Wikus Fourie on their Facebook page.

Kyle Capes added; “Amazing people doing amazing things. Awesome vibe, great products. Super excited for what the future holds.”

“Your Great White rum was a super first introduction to rum drunk neat. I was pleasantly surprised. Cannot wait to taste your aged copper distilled rums,” said Sulamiet Dreyer.

Ordering Cape Of Storms Distilling Company rum

Click HERE to order your bottle of Cape Of Storms Distilling Company craft rum. Find their network of distributors in your province HERE. They also do contact distilling, should you wish to have your own unique rum.

To find out more about Cape Of Storms Distilling Company, give them a call on 083 514 8688 or email Follow them on Facebook HERE. Visit their website at Alternatively, visit them at 100 Voortrekker Road, Salt River, Cape Town. Here is their location on Google Maps.

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