Enjoy the rich, organic tastes of Upland Organic Estate

Upland Organic Estate, Wellington, Western Cape

When you first stumble upon the Upland Organic Wine Estate in Wellington, you will think that you have just arrived in beautiful Tuscany, Italy. This rustic wine farm is cradled by the Hawekwa Mountain range, giving it a timeless and rustic feel much like Tuscany.

Upland Organic Estate has a pleasant mix of old and new architecture and has been producing world class organic creations for over a decade. The original farmhouse and shed were constructed in the early 19th Century and was the first school in Wellington.

The name Upland come from the English for Boland, the farm produces organic wines and spirits such as Brandy, Grappa, Port and Cabernet Sauvignon. Their organic grappa won an award for ‘World’s Best Grappa’ by the Guldkorken International Competition in Stockholm.

Taste truly organic wines & spirits at Upland Organic Estate

Owners, Dr Edmund Oettlé, and his wife, Elsie, have been dedicated to growing the best organic produce for their wines and spirits for the past 20 years. They make sure to utilise natural fertilizers and pest control and believe wholeheartedly that they need to be good stewards of the resources they have been blessed with.

Their farming techniques have help with the vast improvement of the soils richness which is reflected in the robustness of their wines. 

Upland Port is fortified with their own organic pure pot-still brandy at mid-fermentation; making it the only truely organic port in South Africa. The fruit flavours of the wine is enhanced by the natural sweetness of their grapes with an extra dimension added to their wines from the oak vanillas of the brandy. It’s the perfect companion for an after dinner platter of pecan nuts and blue cheese.

The character of their Brandy is unmistakable, with a depth and complexity of flavour that lingers on the palate. It is made in limited quantities and hand selected from the finest of each year’s produce.

Upland Grappa explodes with flavour in the glass. It is made in typical Italian style and is good to use as a palate cleanser in-between meals. However you choose to enjoy it you will be guaranteed a delicious and smooth aromatic taste experience.

 Top reasons for visiting Upland Organic Estate:

  1. Their use of organic materials makes their produce environmentally-friendly.
  2. They have produced award-winning wines and spirits for years.
  3. Their products have a unique aroma and taste, truly a delicious and smooth experience.

To find out more about Upland Organic Estate, give them a call on 082 731 4774 or emailinfo@organicwine.co.zaVisit their website atwww.organicwine.co.zaFind them at Fisantekuil Farm, Blouvlei Road, Wellington, 7655. 

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