Distillery 031

Durban’s Distillery 031 has an award-winning range of Gins

Distillery 031, named after Durban’s dialling code, has managed to establish itself as South Africa’s most internationally-awarded distillery.

When Andrew Rall founded the company in 2008 he wanted to create premium spirits that captured the spirit of Durban: slow sunny Sundays on palm-lined beaches, a vibrant mosaic of cultures, warm weather, warm food and art found on both walls and pavements alike.

As Distillery 031 grew in success, so too did their range and they are now hand-crafting a wide variety of spirits such as Gins, Vodka, Rum, Absinthe, Brandy, Liqueurs, and Cachaça.

Travelling has been a challenge for most people this year so Distillery 031 has created an online store and you can still get a taste of Durban right from the comfort of your own home.

Distillery 031

Distillery 031 Gin Range

Despite their vast range of products, it is probably their gins that they are most famous for. They have a selection of 3 gins, namely their Scarlet Gin, Durban Dry Gin and Barrel Aged Gin.

D’Urban Scarlet Gin is the newest within their range of gins. It is in fact the world’s first gin that has been made with cascara (coffee cherry), which is the fleshy skin around the coffee bean. They source their cascara from the Beaver Creek Coffee Estate, found along the Natal South Coast.

D’Urban Scarlet Gin is South Africa’s most internationally awarded gin, as it has won medals in competitions held in New York, London and San Francisco.

Click here to purchase a bottle of D’Urban Scarlet Gin

D’Urban Dry Gin is a classic London Dry style gin, with a local twist of course. This gin is made from a blend of 10 botanicals, which includes African Rosehip. The Durban Dry Gin has a strong citrus scent with a more subtle juniper nose coming through.

The distinct difference between this product compared to the conventional London Dry gins is that it has a sweet taste and a distinct floral character.

The labelling of the gin pays tribute to the lush natural environment that is found in Durban.

Click here to purchase a bottle of D’Urban Dry Gin

Their D’Urban Barrel Aged Gin is yet again a trend setter in the industry; this gin is a first of its kind in South Africa. It is also a London Dry styled gin which is crafted with a blend of botanicals, but it is the aging of the gin inside French oak barrels that sets it apart.

The Barrel Aged Gin is aged for a limited time in order to retain its freshness. This product has a subtle citrus nose, along with juniper as well as some of the warmness from the oak coming through. The oak certainly adds to its flavour, it adds a slight sweetness as well as a toasted almond flavour.

Click here to purchase a bottle of D’Urban Barrel Aged Gin

Something extra special

Distillery 031 has recently added an ultra-premium gin to its range. D’Urban 24k Gin is crafted with a blend of quality African botanicals including Tuscan juniper berries and Bourbon vanilla pods. It is presented in an Italian crystal glass decanter and contains pure 24 karat gold flakes for a truly luxurious sipping experience.

Buying online

Lockdown has been a challenge for the alcohol industry. To help those customers that want to avoid the shops, Distillery 031 has set up an online store and their spirits can be delivered directly to your door. Simply visit www.finebeverages.co.za

Distillery 031 is located on the second floor of the Foundry, 43 Station Drive, Durban. Here is their location on Google Maps. For bookings, call +27 (0) 87 941 4540 or email info@distillery031.com and visit them online at www.distillery031.com.  Purchase from their at  www.finebeverages.co.za. Follow them on Facebook.

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