Boston Breweries

Amazing gluten-free beer at Boston Breweries in Cape Town

Boston Breweries, Cape Town

Having been in business for almost 20 years, Boston Breweries in Cape Town has been popular since they first opened their doors. Their first lager was so popular with the locals that by the end of their first year of business they had doubled their production capacity.

All products produced at Boston Breweries are naturally brewed using malted barley, water, yeast and hops. Each batch is personally checked and tasted by its founder.

Brews available at Boston Breweries are the Naked Mexican Lager, Wild Honey Blonde Crystal Weiss, Johnny Gold Weiss, Boston Premium Lager, Gluten-Free Boston Premium Lager, Whale Tale Ale, Van Hunks Pumpkin Ale, Black River Coffee Stout, Rock Hoppa IPA, Loaded Cannon Ale, Arid Light, and 33 Degrees South IPA.

Finally a gluten-free beer thanks to Boston Breweries!

Boston Breweries, craft brewery, Cape Town, gluten-free beer

For people who struggle with gluten-intolerance, finding a beer you can drink is a struggle.

Luckily Boston Breweries has developed a gluten-free beer so now gluten-intolerant people can enjoy some as well. They are sure to be pleased to be able to drink their favourite beverage again.

The team at Thirsty Traveller has a chance to sample some of the gluten-free Boston Premium Lager beer at our annual Heritage Day Beer Tasting event.

“Boston Brewery adds the enzyme Endoprotease before fermentation.  This helps to neutralise the gluten.  I am not sure if this enzyme has a taste, but if it does, it made this a very tasty lager,” said Graeme Lund.

Gluten levels in the gluten-free Boston Premium Lager are substantially below the International Codex Gluten-Free standard of 20ppm or less. This lager is brewed traditionally from malted barley, hops and water and has a 4% alcohol content.

To find out more about Boston Breweries and their gluten-free lager, give them a call on 021 300 0625 or visit their website at Find them on Google Maps.

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