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Coastal Cult Hazy Pale Ale is part of the RHBC hops series

Coastal Cult Hazy Pale Ale is a regular brew from RHBC but with a difference.  Firstly, it is part of their hops series which means that each time they brew the Coastal Cult they change the hops and secondly this is a New England Pale Ale that attempts to replicate fruit juice.

A Fruit Explosion

Niall Cook, master brewer at RHBC, says, “Our Coastal Cult is all about trying to replicate what you would expect from a fruit juice.  It is brewed so that it is cloudy, just like a glass of fresh fruit juice, and the American hops that we use produce fruity aromas.”

In the batch of Coastal Cult that I sampled, Idaho7, Citra and African Queen hops have been used to enhance the fruity persona of the ale.

Niall adds, “When you taste this beer it has a fruit explosion in your mouth and we increased the body of the beer to make it that much more like a fruit squash.”

Changing the hops

No two batches of Coastal Cult are the same because the hops are changed from brew to brew.

“Changing the hops is a great way to expose our patrons to the range of hops available and, from our point of view, it is a wonderful way to experiment and find out more about the character of the hops that we like to use,” says Niall.

Coastal Cult has a relatively low alcohol level for a Pale Ale – 5%, which makes it more of a session ale and of course for something so delicious you will want more than one glass.

I found Granadilla, Citrus and Tropical Fruits are strong on the nose and palate and that this beer pairs well with salty biltong and chips and with a hot curry.

Where to get Coastal Cult Hazy Pale Ale

Coastal Cult can be bought online by clicking here or by visiting the RHBC tap Room in Alabaster Street, Baakens Valley, Gqeberha.  Click here to find them on Google Maps. In the tap room take away cans may be bought too.

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