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Freedom Hill Vineyards

About Freedom Hill Vineyards’ ‘Our Freedom Hill Legacy Tour’

The Freedom Hill Vineyards ‘Our Freedom Hill Legacy Tour’ starts its Journey with a visit to the Groot Drakenstein correctional facility (the former Victor Verster maximum security prison near Simondium, between Franschhoek and Paarl) is a working prison that was renamed in 2000.

Surprisingly, the prison looks something like a boys’ school rather than a security prison. And its surrounds – it lies in amongst grape vines and undulating hills one of which is our breathtaking Vineyards called Freedom Hill – is equally incongruous.

There is a legend that describes how prisoners from Groot Drakenstein managed to escape on foot – the journey took a week – through the valley and over the mountains to Cape Town.

Groot Drakenstein Prison is an isolated, out of the way place in which to place such a statue, but the location has been deliberately chosen to stand in the very place where Mandela took his first steps outside of the prison as a free man.

The statue was commissioned from South African artist Jean Doyle by Tokyo Sexwale, a well known businessman who himself spent 13 years on Robben Island. The statue is a tribute to every person who made sacrifices in the fight for freedom.

Join us on this walk into the past that has paved the way to direct our footsteps as South Africans and an example to the world in helping with our personal life’s Journey to our Walk to Freedom as mankind.

The Sexwhale Family Foundation has commissioned this Long Walk To Freedom Statue in honour of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, together with all those who walked before, alongside and for him in the quest for a united non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and free South Africa, as part of the international struggle for human solidarity against all forms of oppression and exploitation

Freedom Hill Vineyards

Our journey starts at the entrance of the Victor Verster Prison with a   detailed explanation of the larger than life-size bronze statue of Mandela was unveiled at Groot Drakenstein Prison. It is a beautiful statue showing Mandela with raised fist – a well recognised gesture of defiance, usually accompanied by the freedom slogan – amandla awethu, isiZulu or power to the people–(Time Frame 30 minutes)

Followed by a Tour of the House of Madiba – Mandela was moved to Victor Verster Prison on 9 December 1988, where he lived in a private house inside the prison compound. Victor Verster, a farm prison, was often used as a stepping stone for releasing lower-risk political prisoners. Mandela served another 14 months at Victor Verster Prison until his release on 11 February 1990. On the day of his release, reporters from all over the world surrounded the prison, giving the prison worldwide publicity.

The private house where Mandela lived has been declared a South African National Heritage Site–( Time Frame 60 minutes).

The Freedom Hill Legacy Tour ends were you follow us to the Maintain for an exclusive tasting of our Freedom Hill & Freedom Walk Range of Wines in honour of the Madiba Legacy

  • The last stop to the Tour ends of with 6 wines symbolic of the experience and with renowned ratings and awards paired as an option with a delectable chocolate pairing.
  • Followed by a tantalizing 3 course meal which is inspired by our chefs which interlinks the traditional food that Madiba cherished produced in an artisan style with care and intense mouthwatering flavors.

Freedom Hill Vineyards is located along Wemmershoek Road, Paarl. Call them on 021 867 0085.

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